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Fly Under the Radar

In the online world, your IP address is kin to your identification card. With it, your location, identity and online activity can be tracked.

VPNArt’s client combats this through its encryption processes, thereby protecting your privacy and ensuring your anonymity. Now you can surf the web without fear.

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No More Restrictions

Our VPN client can be accessed from anywhere in the world. We cater to you with worldwide servers in over 16 different locations.

Our high speed servers have the capability of a 1 GBps network, guaranteeing smooth streaming.

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Be mobile!

Travelling?VPNart, however, has you covered. Simply activate your VPN client and you’ll never miss an episode of your fav series!

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Pick your plan

All the security in one privacy plan:

Doubly Protected

We encode your data to prevent anyone of using it.

Superfast Server Support

The bandwidth of our server network counts amazing 1 GBps, which means every your connection is fast and flawless.

Ease of Use

You can install the app on multiple devices easily and fast. Our interface is user-friendly and logical.

Zero Logs

We never store any log files, so you can be sure your sensitive data remains as private as before you even switched to the web.

Leak-Proof Option

For a continuous work online, please, activate our kill switch option. It will detect even slightest interruption of VPN connection and shut down your browser automatically. By that means we prevent your traffic from being routed back to your real server.

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